Success Stories

"We wanted to give our kids the best opportunity to do what they wanted to do, but we felt in over our heads." - Kristin P.

Team Work
Kristin P.- parent of five

Kristin P. and her husband Dan, who are in the restaurant business, know a thing or two about hard work. And their five children, who have all pitched in on the family venture, have learned more than a few important life lessons from their experiences: how to keep your eye on a long-term goal, how to build a strong team, how to stay with it until the job gets done.

“So it was a no-brainer when it came to working with Alison,” says Kristin P. It was like having the ultimate new team member - a coach, really, who helped her two college-aged boys tackle the application process and put those life lessons to work. “It was so nice to have someone else make sure they were accountable,” says Kristin P., who notes that both boys connected immediately with Alison.

Focused and hard-working, Matthew, the oldest, knew he wanted a city school. Jake, her second son, was an economics guy and very laid back. Both wanted to stay close to home. Forbes Educational Consulting helped each of them refine their choices and find their way to schools designed to get them off to a strong start. Each one wound up in the Boston area, just a couple of hours from their family home in Maine - Matthew at Northeastern, Jake at Bentley. 

“We really believe they got where they wanted to go thanks to working with Alison,” says Kristin P., who especially appreciates what she calls the scope of Alison’s vision. “It’s a big world out there,” she says. “We didn’t want our children to feel any pressure to follow a particular path. What we most wanted was for them to be happy and to feel successful.”

The goal, in short, was not a particular school with a particular reputation. It was about creating possibility. It was about finding an environment where each boy’s skills could translate into success. “We wanted to give our kids the best opportunity to do what they wanted to do,” says Kristin P.. “But times have changed since Dan and I applied to college, and we felt in over our heads.” So the family called in an expert - Forbes Educational Consulting - and, working together, created a winning team.