Success Stories

"I don’t think there’s anything more important than good advice from a solid professional one trusts - and that’s what Alison has meant to us.”
- Issac B.

A Priceless Gift
Issac B. - parent of a Princeton student

Issac B. knows the value of a good education. The retired superior court judge, who immigrated to the United States from Cuba, built his own career squarely on the foundation of a first-rate college education. “As a judge and law professor, and also as an immigrant who became successful, I am particularly and keenly aware of what a college education can mean,” says Issac B. “The choice of where one gets an education is absolutely critical to personal fulfillment and professional success."  "I don't think there's anything more important than good advice from a solid professional one trusts and that's what Alison has meant to us.

Working with Forbes Educational Consulting wasn’t so much a need as a choice, Issac B. explains. His daughter Hannah was already at the top of her class in a prestigious, highly competitive private school. She had perfect SAT scores and a high average in all her AP courses. She was, in short, an ideal college candidate. “But we knew,” he says, “that Alison’s impact on Hannah’s life, both personally and professionally, was one of most important things she would ever experience.”

Issac B. and his family chose to work with Alison partly because she is a seasoned professional who knows the field. “She’s clearly at the top of her game,” says Issac B. “But she also brings a critical human dimension to her relationship with her clients. That relationship really helped Hannah understand the process and get things done. It helped her make her choices intelligently and with confidence, as she did all the things she needed to do to get ready for this next big step in her life.”

The rest of the family benefitted, too, according to Issac B. “Having Alison on the team greatly eased the family dynamic, helping us go through this process in a healthier more supportive way.” Issac B. notes that Hannah was eager to work directly with Alison, who has a special gift for connecting with her young clients. “Hannah trusted and respected her judgment and they developed a genuine friendship.”

Issac B. knows from experience that his investment will pay off in the future, that the gift of a fine education is, in fact, priceless. But already he has seen the benefits of enlisting professional guidance. Already he has seen the richness it has brought to his daughter’s life, the independence she has gained. Forbes Educational Consulting has helped his daughter embark on the journey ahead with confidence and vision, her parents standing proudly behind her.