Success Stories

The best way to get to know Forbes Educational Consulting is to listen to our clients. Their stories are what matter most to us - because they help us tell our own story. They help us measure our success. We hope their stories will help you, too, to better understand our mission and approach - and why we love working with students and their families.

In Their Own Words

“We are coming back to you with our younger son after my older son participated in one of your amazing one-day college essay workshops in 2013.  We were both so excited about the support and format of the workshop and what a difference it made for his fall semester in high school. He was accepted to all of the schools he applied to, and is now a rising junior at St. Michael’s College.”

-Nicole G, Parent of St. Michael’s College Student 

“I am confident that I’m going to the right school for me.  I’ve learned a lot about myself through this introspective process.”

Brian, Engineering Student at Tufts University

“I will never forget the days I sat in your office crying because my parents wouldn’t get off my back, or the days where you would tell me I was on track and I could relax a little bit.”

-Summy, Student at Brown

“I want to thank you for giving me the confidence and poise that was tangible in both applications and interviews.”

-Jenna, Student at Connecticut College 

“You assisted not only with the essays, but with the entire application process.  You were instrumental in getting Hannah ready to apply, and to follow through intelligently and confidently.”

-Isaac B., Parent of Princeton University Student

“Ross’ work with you was wonderful and I’m not sure we could have waded through all of the steps alone.  You have a particularly refreshing and engaging way with kids which is a big part in your success with them.  You make each one feel that they are unique and exceptional people.”

-Donna & Rob S., Parents of Babson College Student

“The genius of Alison’s approach is her ability to live inside the skin of her students.  She understands young people, communicates effectively with them and builds lasting trust.”

-James B, College Admission Dean

“Thank you for all your help and effort during these last 12 months.  Most of all, for your positive attitude with our daughter, when she lacked the so much needed self confidence.”

Jane C, Parent of Southern Methodist University Student

“A process we had contemplated with dread became almost easy.  Communication within the family was improved, and perhaps, most importantly, our daughter showed tremendous gains in confidence in writing and communication skills.”

John & Lynn A., Parents of Georgetown University Student

“Not only did you ensure a timely, efficient and strategic college application process, but you also created a real growth opportunity.  Our daughter steps out of high school with an impressive academic and emotional confidence that you have truly had a part in.”

Elissa M., Parent of College of Charleston Student

“It is an honor to meet someone with your energy and dynamics regarding helping a young person begin the next stage in their life.”

Nicole S., Parent of Princeton University

"The connection she makes with the kids is unbelievable. Alison has definitely found her niche."

-- Cullan S., parent