The Team

Meet Alison and her back-up staff - Team Forbes! Together, they’re a winning combination, efficient and effective, focused on a single goal: helping you find the right match.

Alison Forbes

Alison Forbes

Alison Forbes, M.Ed., is a seasoned professional with a personal approach.  After years in admissions and teaching, her work is student-centered, dynamic and strategic. Alison develops relationships that encourage students to take ownership of the college process as she guides them every step of the way.  Her positive, energetic and supportive approach helps students feel successful every time they talk with her. Alison specializes in helping sudents find colleges that are the right fit academically, socially and financially. Many students she works with secure Merit Scholarships that are separate from financial need and range from 7-25K annually. 

Education: Connecticut College (B.A); Tufts University (M.Ed.)
Background: 15+ years of college consulting; a decade of teaching in independent and public schools; college admission counselor
Professional Member: IECA (Professional Member: most prestigious level requiring exam and continued coursework), HECA, NECAC, NACAC
Speaker: Featured presenter at national and international conferences and secondary schools.

Marlow Rahn 

Marlow is our Office Manager who handles much of the behind-the-scenes work for families, including booking all appointments.  As a mother of four young children, Marlow is an expert in organization and efficiency.  Additionally, Marlow ran her own successful business for many years before coming to work at Forbes Educational Consulting. Marlow thrives on building strong relationships with students and parents. She is happy to field any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Martha Solomon

Martha Solomon

Martha is our application essay-editing guru. With more than a decade of teaching experience, she knows all about coaching and coaxing the best from students. She is also a poet and essayist. She’ll help you find your voice. She’ll help you discover your own unique message. And she’ll help you polish your work until it shines.

Tamre  Steinhauer

Tamre Steinhauer

Tamre is an accomplished professional with over twenty years of experience in business management, bookkeeping, office administration and education. She holds a B.S. in Education from Northeastern University, and has taught music in private and home-school settings.  She looks forward to helping you with any financial questions you may have.