Students, Welcome!

At Forbes Educational Consulting, we listen to your dreams - and then, as Thoreau once wrote, we help you put foundations under them.


  • We help you identify your talents, and then we help find settings where those talents will be nurtured.
  • We look honestly at your weaknesses - and help find places that will support your growth.
  • We listen to what you love and what worries you, what inspires you and what frustrates you.
  • We like to know what makes you laugh.

Along the way, we'll challenge you to think bigger and smarter. To be self-aware. We'll believe in you even when the path ahead seems unclear, even if you feel you've lost faith in your own abilities. We'll remind you of who you are.

And then. . . . we help you find the right match.

"Alison truly changed my life and I will always be grateful. I consider her a dear friend."

-- S.S., New Hampshire student attending Brown