How We Work

At first glance, the application process can be overwhelming. Here’s a quick look at how it works, and how Forbes Educational Consulting can make your process a success.

1. Taking Stock

Our goal: to provide guidance and understanding about the admissions process.

  • Background Review: We start by reviewing your transcripts, discussing interests and providing information about our services. To help get to know you, we also review the Forbes Educational Consulting Surveys.
  • Understanding Each Step: We help to clarify the specifics of the process: timeline, terminology, testing requirements and more. 

Remember: Before you start looking at colleges, you need to take a look at yourself - who you are and what your goals are. This is the first step in our work together, and it's a great time to ask questions, too!

We’re here to help!

"If it weren't for Alison, I would be in the loony bin by now!"

-- G. B., Maine student attending Reed College

2. Creating Matches

Our goal: to identify the best possible fit between student and college.

  • Student Profile: Together we clarify what you're looking for in a school setting, including social and academic characteristics.
  • The List: Combining first-hand knowledge of the many schools visited with what is learned about you as we work together, we compile a list of options carefully tailored to your needs and interests. We continue to revise and refine this list, creating a customized group of schools that offer the best fit - academically, socially and financially. We ensure there is a range of financial options as well.

Remember: Not everyone is suited for the Ivy League, nor do top rankings in guidebooks and magazine surveys mean that a college is right for you.

Often, the best college options are those less widely known. 

3. Maximizing Opportunity

Our goal: to pinpoint strengths and strategize how best to present these in applications, essays and interviews. We help students strategize regarding the most advantageous admission timing. Early Decision isn’t always the best plan.

  • Meeting Deadlines: We break down the admission process into manageable parts and establish deadlines for each student.
  • Advising: We help students make the most of campus visits, college fairs, interviews, and standardized test preparation.
  • Strategizing: We advise students about applying “early decision,” “early action,” or “regular decision.”
  • Editing: Each member of our team edits each essay and critiques each application. Read more here about the essay process.

Remember: Although I can’t guarantee admission to every school on your list, I can guarantee growth. I can help you gain a better sense of yourself, build confidence, and present well.

Working together, we’ll find a college that’s the right match!