Demystifying the Essay

The college application essay is your chance to tell your story, to highlight your individual voice, your unique spirit and character. It’s your chance to shine. It is also - ask just about any college-bound high school student - one of the most daunting and dreaded tasks of the application process.

The Approach

At Forbes Educational Consulting, our approach to the essay is designed to tackle both the dread and the procrastination that comes along with it. In a day-long workshop we help you jump-start the process, offering guidance on topics, one-on-one attention, idea development, draft reviews and more. When you leave, you'll be well on your way to a final draft. Subsequent emails, revision and editing sessions help refine the text - until you arrive at a polished final product.

The Experts

Alison Forbes, M.Ed., together with essay coach Martha Solomon, bring decades of teaching experience and writing expertise to the process. They know what admissions officers are looking for. They know what makes a strong essay. They know how to help you find the subject that best reflects your personal strengths.

Some of our clients admit that, in the end, writing the application essay was not only satisfying but, well, fun. And their acceptance letters, of course, prove that their time, effort and commitment were worth it.

"My daughter struggled all summer with her common application essay. It wasn't until she met with Alison that her anxiety level dropped considerably, and she was able to produce a heartfelt and genuine piece of writing."

-- P.H. New Hampshire mother of Wellesley student

Essay Success Story

Talking with Alison helped Ellie realize that her passion for her car was just the idea she needed to power her college essay. Her Jeep was a metaphor for her own experience - and writing about it was one of Ellie’s favorite parts of the college application process.

Ellie’s story: “Finding My Own Voice”