Why Use a Consultant?

We are often asked why hiring a consultant makes sense. Here are a few reasons we think Forbes Educational Consulting is one of the best investments you can make. Read some of our Success Stories to learn more. 

Targeted Choices

With more than 4,000 colleges and universities to consider in the U.S. alone, Forbes Educational Consulting can help you winnow the choices, think strategically and design a targeted list.

Individual Coaching

From artist to engineer, athlete to writer, we provide an individualized plan to showcase your unique talents and maximize your chances of admission and scholarships.

"I would have been lost in a BIG way without Alison's guidance!"

-- C.W., Maine student attending U. Miami

Inside Look

Alison makes it a priority to visit colleges throughout the country each year.  While on campus, she meets with former clients to get the inside scoop about academics, sports, the social scene, and more.

Maximized Potential

We maximize students’ potential for receiving scholarships with personalized and strategic college list building.

Spirited Support

Forbes Educational Consulting is on your team. Read more about Who We Are and how you can benefit from our work together.