Work Smarter Not Harder

We turn anxiety into excitement and hard work into positive outcomes.  Alison wears many hats in addition to her title of Educational Consultant.


There’s nothing I like better than watching the transformation that takes place as students embark on the rite of passage known as “the college application process.” You’ll discover new strengths, overcome hurdles, and celebrate accomplishments - before you even set foot on campus. And I’ll be there through it all, cheering you on.


Each year, I spend 20 percent of my time on the road, visiting schools, talking to admissions staff, and meeting students. Then I report back to you. The result? You get an inside look at academics, sports, community culture and, especially, the vibe - that intangible spirit that defines each campus and is impossible to determine by flipping through a view book or visiting a website.

" What could have been a tiresome, stressful time was transformed into a fruitful and creative exercise because Alison made our daughter feel strong and capable. "

-- I.H., Spanish mother of UVM student


Let’s face it. Sometimes we need a push in the right direction, someone to get us moving even when we feel like procrastinating. That’s where I come in! You can count on me to keep you on schedule and on time. You may find yourself working harder than you’ve ever worked before. But you’ll be glad you did - the reward is worth it.


I help you work smarter by defining where your time is best spent.  I define what needs doing and break it into small steps.  Your goal is to find the best college for you.  My goal is to ensure your success.

With more than 15 years of experience and countless successes in college placement, Alison Forbes, M.Ed. guides students through the college planning, application and admission process.